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Uniquely designed for women entrepreneurs, you’ll transform your mind, soul, and body to elevate your business and life.

Come gather with spiritual and change-making women entrepreneurs (like you) who have a singular purpose – to use their Gifts to change the world.

Come learn to be braver, louder, and more unapologetic in your life.

Come to Celestial University
– where you’ll transform and take flight.

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Here’s what the students have to say:


I love two things about Celestial University.
First, Study Hall is brilliant! In two and a half hours, I focus on accomplishing several marketing tasks like writing email sequences and honing a landing page. It’s focused time well spent!
I also love the monthly Q&A calls because they are unscripted.
I find that no matter what question gets asked or who asks it, I get exactly what I need in that moment. It’s uncanny!

Deborah Kevin, – Highlander Press March 20, 2020

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