34 Ideas For Establishing Yourself As A Thought Leader


34 Ideas for Establishing Yourself As A Thought Leader by Jill CelesteYou are a future thought leader.

You may not believe it right now, maybe even protesting by saying “I’m just an expert!” Yes, you are an expert, but you have a realistic opportunity to emerge as a thought leader, too.

Here’s how I define thought leader:

A thought leader is a recognized expert in her industry – one whose opinion is respected and sought after. She is an influencer. Because she is so highly regarded in her field, she serves many people and is well compensated for her efforts.

What’s the main difference between a thought leader and an expert?


Thought leaders are much more visible. They write more, they speak more, they teach more, and they create more.

Don’t settle for “expert” status. You are on this earth to be compensated for your Divine Gifts. You are here to change people’s lives. And you do this by confidently by emerging as a thought leader.

Intrigued? Keep reading as I list 34 marketing ideas for establishing yourself as a thought leader.


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The difference between an expert and a thought leader? Visibility! - Jill Celeste


I want to challenge you to focus on becoming a thought leader. When you emerge as a thought leader, you’ll get to serve more people, receive lucrative opportunities, and yes, earn more money. And the beautiful thing about this strategy is that you can work on it through many avenues.

The focal points of becoming an emerging thought leader is to teach and to create. Let’s get your creative juices flowing with these ideas:

Ideas for Establishing Yourself as a Thought Leader

  1. Teach a workshop
  2. Teach a class
  3. Teach a webinar
  4. Teach through Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or another livestreaming tool
  5. Host a retreat
  6. Have a multi-day event
  7. Host an exclusive VIP Day
  8. Create an online course
  9. Host a podcast
  10. Be a guest on podcasts
  11. Host a radio show
  12. Make videos
  13. Write blog posts
  14. Write a short e-book
  15. Write a longer book
  16. Create a workbook
  17. Write a manifesto
  18. Create free premium content (checklists, white papers, case studies)
  19. Design your own online assessment
  20. Write inspirational messages or quotes, and share on social media
  21. Teach through your social media posts
  22. Moderate your own Facebook Group or LinkedIn Group
  23. Host a group board on Pinterest
  24. Speak at networking meetings
  25. Speak at conferences
  26. Become a TedEx speaker
  27. Facilitate a panel
  28. Make an app for a smartphone and/or tablet
  29. Create your own recipes
  30. Write and record your own meditations
  31. Get interviewed by a reporter or journalist
  32. Submit an article to a well-known blog or magazine in your industry
  33. Be interviewed for someone’s radio or TV show
  34. Interview other thought leaders in your industry (for blog, podcast, etc.)

Your assignment

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it should get your creative juices flowing.

Here’s what to do next:

Take a sheet a paper and draw a horizontal line down the center. On the left, write “Fun To Implement.” On the right, write “Takes Me Out of My Comfort Zone.”

Then highlight the Thought Leader Ideas that appear in both columns. Those are the ones to implement (not necessarily at once!).

Every lightworker and changemaker have the potential to become recognized thought leaders, including you. Remember, 2020 is the Year of Loud Women. What better way to get louder in your marketing than by implementing a couple of these ideas? You can do this!

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Imagine getting a little inspirational note every day – one that’s catered to you as a spiritual, change-making female entrepreneur.
That’s the idea behind “Celestial Love Notes” – a daily inspirational love note from me to you, delivered right to your inbox!

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