4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Business Income

4 Quick Ways To Increase Your Business Income by Jill CelesteAre you looking for quick ways to increase your business income? Then this week’s marketing strategy is for you!

Before I delve into my four tips, let’s first address your mindset (because if you have a shitty mindset, none of these tips will work for you).

Here’s what I want you to know…

It’s about the service, not the cash. That means reframing your desire from “I need more money” to “I will serve more paying clients.” Doesn’t that sound less desperate? Less from a place of lack? Yes!

As you work on your mindset, implement one (or all four) of my “cash infusion” tips below.



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It’s about the service, not the cash. - Jill Celeste


Sometimes as purpose-driven entrepreneurs we need a quick “cash infusion.” Ideally, we don’t want to operate from a “feast or famine” mode, but life isn’t perfect. And neither are our businesses.

The following four tips to increase your business income are practical and do-able, the kind where you roll up your shirt sleeves and get to work. Keep an open mind and see which ones resonate with you, okay?

#1: Make a follow-up list list and start reaching out

If you don’t already have a list of people to follow up with, it’s time to write one. You want to include the names of anyone who expressed an interest in working with you.

Once you have the list made, it’s time to reach out. If you are in an urgent situation, emails will not do here. You need to call each person. It’s harder for your sales prospect to ignore a phone call.

#2: Create a new program and start marketing it

Depending on the type of business you have, creating a new program may be the fix you’re looking for. Create a boot camp, or a challenge, or a mastermind. Find something that your ideal client really wants. Load it up with features, and make sure you can explain the results (why your ideal clients should buy this program).

Then, you can market this new program to your email list, through a webinar and on your follow-up phone calls.

And don’t worry if you don’t have the entire program created. You can sell a program without every module finished. You can build out the modules as you go.

#3: Reach out to your referral partners

Your networking peers, mastermind colleagues, and other referral partners are your unpaid sales force. Why not activate them more?

Make sure to arm each referral partner with information on who you’re trying to attract (your Ideal Client Persona works best here). Meet your referral partners over coffee, or call them on the phone, and ask for their help. Your referral partners are natural “connectors” who love to bridge two people together. Allow them to help you find your ideal clients.

#4: Find a side gig

There’s no shame in having a side gig or job. If you need an increase in income, and your business hasn’t taken off yet, then find a contract, temporary or part-time job to help you. Revenue sources are always a good thing!

It’s important to understand that getting a side gig doesn’t equal business failure. It equals smart financial decision making. If that’s the route you need to take, then take it.

Which one of these ideas will you be implementing – or perhaps you’ll implement all four?

The more action you take, the better the results. It’s time to roll up your shirt sleeves and become singularly focused on one thing: Getting more clients. You can do this!

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Imagine getting a little inspirational note every day – one that’s catered to you as a spiritual, change-making female entrepreneur.
That’s the idea behind “Celestial Love Notes” – a daily inspirational love note from me to you, delivered right to your inbox!

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