Book Review: You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha

Jill Celeste's book review of YOU ARE AWESOME by Neil PasrichaIf you need help improving your resilience, then be sure to a copy of You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha.

Let’s face it – resilience is a skill. If you can bounce back better and faster, you will be happier and accomplish more (this is especially important for entrepreneurs).

In You Are Awesome, Pasricha outlines nine secrets to being more resilient. I’ll list them below, but I encourage you to get the book to learn more about each secret:

  1. Add a dot-dot-dot…
  2. Shift the spotlight
  3. See it as a step
  4. Tell yourself a different story
  5. Lose more to win more
  6. Reveal to heal
  7. Find small ponds
  8. Go untouchable
  9. Never, never stop

My big takeaways:

#1: Be more like a wedding photographer

If you’ve been to a wedding, you’ll notice the wedding photographer takes a lot of photos. Hundreds, it seems, of the same shot. Photographers do this because they know that one of those shots will be “just right” – the one that will help the bride and groom remember their special day. The rest of the photos? They are deleted – without much thought.

As entrepreneurs, we have to take a lot of bad pictures to find the right one. This is true for ideal clients, services we want to sell, even networking groups we attend. We have to become comfortable with failing, knowing it will lead us to success.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow when you’re a perfectionist control enthusiast (ahem!), but it’s the truth. When we become more resilient after failure, we succeed.

#2: The staircase is in front of you, even if you can’t see it

Staying in faith is an essential virtue for any entrepreneur. Staying in faith is hard when you feel stuck, or when things aren’t going your way, but if you can believe in yourself and your abilities, you will push through.

Sometimes though, we reach what seems to be the bottommost of levels. We can’t see a step, much less a staircase, to help us out of this awful place.

Take a step anyway. The staircase is there. Have faith in its existence. That one step will take you to it.

#3: Schedule “untouchable” days – pronto!

Pasricha has “untouchable days” scheduled on his calendar.

“Untouchable days” are when you are completely unavailable. No one can reach you by phone, email, text message, direct message, and social media.

Guess what? We can schedule “untouchable days” too!

It is a mindset shift, especially for moms (what if the kids need us? what if there’s an emergency?), but imagine what you could get accomplished if you were completely untouchable for a day. And truthfully, everyone will be okay if you’re out of pocket for 10 hours (this is what I’m telling myself).

You are worthy of this time. I am worthy of this time. Let’s do this, okay?

How You Are Awesome relates to entrepreneurs:

I highly recommend You Are Awesome to every entrepreneur. Personal growth is an essential part of entrepreneurial success. We could learn the best marketing and business strategies in the world, but if we haven’t developed the right mindset, these strategies won’t work as well (or at all).

As I mentioned already, You Are Awesome specifically helps you build better resilience. I have coached countless female entrepreneurs over the years, and resilience is something most of us could work on. A failure can really knock the wind out of us. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could “bounce back” faster? Even better, what if we could shrug off failure and stay in faith even more? We would be unstoppable!

And that’s what I want for you – to be unstoppable. Get Neil Pasricha’s book and start implementing his secrets to resilience. You won’t regret it!

Grab a copy of You Are Awesome here (this is an affiliate link).

Disclosure: I received an advanced readers copy of You Are Awesome from the author’s team in exchange for my honest review.

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Imagine getting a little inspirational note every day – one that’s catered to you as a spiritual, change-making female entrepreneur.
That’s the idea behind “Celestial Love Notes” – a daily inspirational love note from me to you, delivered right to your inbox!

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