For Loud Women who love read…

If you are a Loud Woman who loves to read fiction and non-fiction books that empower you, please keep reading – because the Celestial University Book Club is for you.

How the Celestial University Book Club will work

Who is the Celestial Book Club for?

The Celestial Book Club is for Loud Women who love to read and learn. It’s perfect for women who want to get Louder in the businesses, careers, and lives. It’s also ideal for women who yearn for a sacred space to be geeky, feminine, and vulnerable.

What are the dates for the book club?

I will host a Zoom call on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm Eastern, beginning July 6, 2021. It will be recorded, and the replay will be posted in Celestial University and in our Facebook Group.

What kinds of books will we be reading?

The book selections will all have one thing in common: They’ll contain powerful and empowering lessons for Loud Women. We will read a combination of fiction and non-fiction books.

The books will be from any of the following genres:
  • Self-help and Personal Development
  • Creativity
  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
Are you sending the assigned books to me?

You are responsible for getting the book. That way, you can acquire it in the medium you prefer (paperback, audio book, library loan, Kindle, etc.)

Again, you will have ample notice on our upcoming titles, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the book and read it.

What is the cost for joining?

The Celestial University Book Club is free! You can join at any time and leave when you want. 

I love being in the Celestial University Book Club, even if I don’t always manage to read all the books on time. Jill picks the best books for women. I would not even have known which books to pick on my own, and I am now building a great library/reading list.

Hanne Broter,

Your Brand Vision

I have been delighted to ‘discover’ many great authors and valuable books through the Celestial University Book Club. In the midst of my coaching practice and continuing education, I was determined to add more personal development, and the Book Club was a great way to spur fulfillment of this intention. Jill included a variety of books that inspired and challenged through their content. Jump into this beneficial Book Club pool – you will be glad that you did!

Kelly Lutman,

Pursue Wellness


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Jill has an uncanny ability to pick books that grab me. Even if I think, ‘Oh, I’ve read everything I need to know on that subject,’ Jill proves me wrong. Each book gives me a unique and useful new perspective on myself and my business. I particularly love the live discussions with other thoughtful women!

Maribeth Decker,

Sacred Grove Animal Communication