How To Promote Your Book At Networking Meetings


If you are an author of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, you should use the power of networking meetings to promote your book.

Often, authors don’t think of networking as a way to find readers, but as the author of two books, I am here to tell you: Networking has expanded my readership tremendously.

In this week’s blog post, I will show you five different ways to promote your book at networking meetings. While I am an expert in online networking (as the founder of Virtual Networkers, a global online networking organization for women entrepreneurs), I will share tips for in-person networking too.

Authors, let’s get your books out there. Here goes!

How To Promote Your Book At Networking Meetings by Jill Celeste

Do authors and networking meetings go together? You bet they do! Whether you’re a full-time author or someone who has written a book to market your business, you can use networking meetings to help find readers and raving fans. Here are five tips on how to promote your book at networking meetings:

#1: Bring your book to your networking meeting

When you attend a networking meeting, whether in-person or virtually, have copies of your book with you. You will want to display your book, plus have copies on hand to sell if you’re networking in person.

I purchased inexpensive easels from Target, and I prop my books on them. I have also seen authors stack their books on shelves behind them. Books make lovely Zoom backgrounds!

Even if you don’t mention your book, the visual will do the talking for you.

#2: Include your book in your 30-second introduction

If you’re an author, you have to tell people about your book. That’s where 30-second intros come in. Write a 30-second intro (also called elevator speech) that explains your book, including the ideal reader and where someone can order or purchase a copy.

You can also mention your book in passing. I have heard many Virtual Networkers say “…and the author of <BOOK TITLE>” as part of their elevator speeches. It’s enough to pique someone’s interest because being an author is an amazing credibility factor.

#3: Talk about your book during announcements

If you are able to share an announcement during your networking meeting, promote your book! You can ask your networking colleagues to purchase your book, or ask them to tell others about your book, or even ask for reviews. Always leave them with a clear call to action, such as where they can buy your book or which site you’d love a review.

#4: Have a book business card

If you’re networking in person, I recommend creating business cards about your book. Business cards may seem antiquated, but they are affordable marketing pieces. You don’t need to order 500 business cards either; I usually order 100 at a time.

In a virtual space, it’s hard to distribute business cards, but you can ask for your peers’ mailing addresses and “snail mail” your business cards to them. Include a letter, asking for their help in promoting your book.

#5: Host a reading

When I released Loud Woman, I did book readings at three Virtual Networkers chapters. I timed these readings so they occurred right before or during my launch week. I promoted my readings on Instagram, so these events were well attended by Virtual Networkers and guests.

You don’t have to schedule a reading during launch week, though. You can read from your book anytime. First and foremost, get on the speaker schedule. Then, decide whether you want to read from your book or present the material in another way. Make sure to have a call to action at the end of your presentation or reading.

Okay, Loud Women authors, this is your time to shine! Don’t shy away from promoting your book at networking meetings. You have a captive audience ready to purchase from you, and if they like your book, they will tell others about it. Book promotion and networking do mix, so grab your book and get networking!

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