How Can I?


How language affects your mindset is an amazing thing. Case in point, notice the difference between these two simple questions: “How do I?” and “How can I?”

See how one simple word switch opens up so many more possibilities?

In this week’s blog post, I’ll take a deeper look into how saying “How can I?” will help your marketing mindset, helping you to battle resistance and getting your marketing goals met.


Have you ever sat at your computer, thinking about a business goal, and say to yourself: How do I…?

It’s a logical question, but what if I told you there’s a better question to ask.

“How do I” evokes a feeling of helplessness or lack of knowledge. How do I cook these waffles? How do I write a marketing plan? How do I attract clients through Facebook?

But when you shift it to “how can I?” You are empowered and in the driver’s seat. How can I cook these waffles? How can I write a marketing plan? How can I attract clients through Facebook?

Change one word and it opens up more possibilities

Let’s say you are hosting an event. Here are questions you may have tumbling around your head:

  • How do I get people to attend the event?
  • How do I sell my product from the stage?
  • How do I earn a profit from this event?

Now, see how it feels when you rephrase these questions with the word “can”:

  • How can I get people to attend my event?
  • How can I sell my product from the stage?
  • How can I earn a profit from this event?

Don’t you feel, after reading these question, that you CAN fill your event, and sell your product, and earn a profit?

Start thinking of all the ways you can

Once you start asking “how can I,” your mind will fill up with ideas. A practice I like is to write down a brainstorming list, usually 50 to 100 things.

For example, if I want to attract people to an event, I would make a list called “50 Ways I Can Attract People To My Event.” And then I brainstorm 50 ideas. I may not use all 50 ideas, but, undoubtedly, I’ll list a few good gems that will help me reach my goal.

One more thing: If it helps, write down “How can I?” on a Post-It note and place it by your computer as a visual reminder. Yes, it’s a tiny word change, but it creates a huge mindset shift. You’ll go from a feeling of powerlessness and resistance, to a feeling of possibility and faith. And it’s within possibility and faith that you’ll find the most success.


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