Detach From The Outcome


The hardest mindset shift I’ve had to make as an entrepreneurs is this one: Detach from the outcome.

The control freak in me likes to control everything, including the outcomes of my marketing efforts.

But I don’t really have control, do I?

You see, trying to control something that I didn’t have control over was killing my mindset. I would create these goals – I need this many people to enroll – and then be crushed when I didn’t make the goal.

So crushed, in fact, that I thought seriously about quitting my business.

I don’t want you to go down this rabbit hole, which is why I wrote this week’s marketing strategy about how to detach from the outcome.

Truth bomb: If you can master this concept, it will change your business. Let’s get started.



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“I’ll do everything possible, I’ll put the odds in my favor. I’ll work hard and concentrate. I’ll do my best to succeed. But, if I don’t, that’s okay, too.” by Richard Carlson

The only thing I can control are my emotions. - Jill Celeste


What does it mean to “detach from the outcome”?

Here’s how Richard Carlson in his book, Don’t Worry, Make Money, defines it:

“I’ll do everything possible, I’ll put the odds in my favor. I’ll work hard and concentrate. I’ll do my best to succeed. But, if I don’t, that’s okay, too.” (page 11)

Detachment, in other words, means you’re okay with whatever the outcome is. It’s the ultimate surrender to The Universe.

What happens when you’re attached to an outcome

When you are attached to an outcome, you are allowing fear to enter the picture. You begin to ask yourself questions, such as:

  • What if no one signs up for my program?
  • What if I spend money on this advertising and it doesn’t work?
  • What if people hate what I say?
  • What if I never make money from my business?

The “what ifs” begin to spiral out of control, putting immense pressure on you. You are putting too much emphasis on a definition of success that you have no control over.

When you detach, you have fun. You can play. The pressure is off, and you feel so much more confident about what you’re implementing. You leave the result to The Universe and focus on enjoying the process of marketing. As a result, you stay out of your own way.

Additionally, when you detach from the outcome, you always succeed because you focus on the lessons from any “failures.” You don’t get bogged down in feeling disappointed or angry. Instead, you are happy because you didn’t pressure yourself into a certain (maybe unattainable) outcome.

This fits in beautifully with the Law of Attraction

Remember, the Law of Attraction is about “like attracting like.” If you are feeling pressured and stressed about the outcome of your marketing, that’s what you’ll attract: more pressure and stress.

However, if you’re feeling jubilant about the process of marketing, that’s what you’ll attract: more joy, more happiness, more gratitude.

Wouldn’t you rather feel marketing joy?

I bet you do, and that’s why it’s important that you learn to detach from the outcome.

Will this be an overnight magical solution? Absolutely not! It’s a practice. Start with this thought: The only thing I can control are my emotions. When you remember what you can control, it deemphasizes the results you think you want. It takes the pressure off. And it makes you feel wonderful in the process.

And when you feel wonderful, you’ll love the results. I promise.



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