How To Get Loud With Your Marketing

How To Get Loud With Your Marketing by Jill Celeste2020 is the Year of Loud Women, and for female entrepreneurs, this means it is time get loud with your marketing.

What exactly does “loud marketing” mean, though?

What I mean by loud, in terms of marketing, is to increase your visibility in front of your ideal clients, be armed with compelling messages, and be tenacious about getting these messages out there.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will teach you the four steps to get loud with your marketing.

I invite you to grab your journal and brainstorm how you accomplish these steps. This will help you set the pace for the rest of this year.



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4 Ways To Get Loud With Your Marketing by Jill Celeste


How can female entrepreneurs get loud with their marketing?

I see it as a four-step process, and I will share each step with you now.

#1: Determine who you need to get loud to in your marketing

Marketing is all about talking to your ideal client, and “loud” marketing is no different.

Grab your journal and think about who your ideal clients are. Specifically, analyze their demographic and psychographics. These features will help you drill deeper into what your ideal clients see, hear, think, and do.

#2: Know what you want to say to your ideal client

Once you’ve identified who you need to get loud to in your marketing, your next step is to determine what you want to say.

In my old public relations days, we created 5-6 message points for media interviews. These message points ensured we were delivering consistent messages to the public.

I recommend you do the same. Think of a handful of message points you want to share. Here are some of mine:

  1. Female entrepreneurs are the changemakers this world needs right now.
  2. Female entrepreneurs will change their world by sharing their Divine Gifts.
  3. Marketing doesn’t have to feel icky. Female entrepreneurs can tap into their spiritual practices, especially the Law of Attraction, to help align marketing with their belief system.
  4. You’ll get greater results if you implement marketing activities that you enjoy executing.
  5. Female entrepreneurs not only need to learn authentic marketing practices, they also need to change their mindsets to make themselves more courageous, unapologetic, and louder.

#3: Where to share your messages

You’ve got your messages, so now it’s time to start sharing them strategically.

Have you ever heard of the expression “fish where the fish are?” If you think of your ideal clients as fish, you want to cast your line in the pond where they hang out.

For example, if your ideal client uses LinkedIn a lot, then you want to share your messages on LinkedIn.

Ask your ideal clients where they “hang out” – in social media, conferences, networking meetings, blogs, professional organizations, and where ever else you can find them in large numbers.

#4: Be consistent and tenacious (don’t give up)

Once you reach this step, you know who your ideal client is, what you need to say to your ideal client, and where to find your ideal client.

The final step is to “just do it” (of course) – but you have to be dogged here. One fly-by encounter at a networking meeting, or an occasional Facebook Live, will not do the trick. You have to continue to find your ideal clients and tell them your message over and over again.

If there is a place where female entrepreneurs will fall off the wagon, it’s here. We don’t want to be hounds or seen as too aggressive. Push through this resistance and keep banging your drum.

I suggest creating a daily marketing habit. When something is a habit, you don’t think about it – you just do it. If you need help with planning out your marketing every day, feel free to grab my Daily Marketing Action List and Planner. This will help you determine what marketing activities to work on every day.

If you do all four steps – consistently and constantly – you will get louder in your marketing. And you will attract more of your ideal clients.

Even better, you’ll feel more aligned and more fulfilled. You can rest your head on your pillow each night, knowing you’re making a difference. Isn’t that awesome?


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Imagine getting a little inspirational note every day – one that’s catered to you as a spiritual, change-making female entrepreneur.
That’s the idea behind “Celestial Love Notes” – a daily inspirational love note from me to you, delivered right to your inbox!

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