Loud Woman is here!


A little over a year ago, I declared that I would write a transformative book for women. I had no idea what I was doing, but I felt the call and took imperfect action.

Fast forward to today, I am excited and nervous to announce that Loud Woman: Good-bye, Inner Good Girl! is here. SHE’S HERE AND SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!

Kirkus Reviews calls Loud Woman “a women’s guide to empowerment and building self-esteem.” Part memoir, part self-help, Loud Woman is my manifesto to women everywhere: get Louder, take up more space, and live more fulfilled lives.

May I ask for a huge favor? One that will cost you about 30 bucks?

Please purchase two copies of Loud Woman today.

I know, I know. Two copies? Here’s what I had in mind.

Buy one copy for you, and buy one copy to give away.

Maybe you can give away your copy to a Loud Woman in your life. It does make a beautiful gift. Or, you can donate your copy to places such as:

  • Your local library
  • Area women’s prison
  • Domestic abuse shelter
  • Non-profit thrift store
  • College or university
  • Little Free Libraries

When you purchase two copies, you are helping to get Loud Woman into the hands of women who need to read this book. And yes, you are helping me, too (and I so appreciate it!).

This week, I am trying to sell 5,000-10,000 copies of Loud Woman. If I do, I should make a big bestseller list, such as New York Times or USA Today. How cool with that be? Your purchase of two copies will help me reach my goals.

Ready to buy Loud Woman?

Head over to https://jillceleste.com to select a bookstore to purchase Loud Woman from. You’ll notice Amazon isn’t listed. That’s because Amazon sales do not count toward bestseller lists. It’s a crazy thing, I know. But, I have lots of wonderful booksellers listed on my site who would be happy to fulfill your order. Thank you in advance for understanding!

Once you’ve placed your order, please head back to https://jillceleste.com to claim your thank you gifts, including a signed nameplate.

Okay, here’s the step-by-step directions (if you need them):

1. Please purchase two copies of Loud Woman from one of the participating booksellers listed on https://jillceleste.com.

2. Once you’ve made your purchase, go back to https://jillceleste.com to claim your thank you gifts (the form is under the bookseller info).

3. Know that I am in deep, deep gratitude for your help!


Thank you again for your help, support, purchase, and love! I couldn’t do this without you!



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