Overcoming Your Fear of Criticism


Overcoming Your Fear of Criticism by Jill CelesteAs you think about getting louder in your marketing, does a fear of criticism crop up?

A fear of criticism can stroke in different ways – from worrying about what your family and friends will think, to concerns about social media trolls leaving negative comments on your posts.

As you increase your visibility, you will get criticized. You are casting your net wider and wider so you can reach your ideal clients. This means the critics will find you, too.

Don’t let this stop you, though, from a playing a bigger game. You are meant to share your Divine Gifts loudly through your marketing, and you can’t let a fear of criticism stop you.

So, let’s take a look at how you can overcome your fear of criticism. It’s some of the most important mindset work you can do. If you can move past this fear, and market loudly in spite of it, you’ll be unstoppable!



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Someone's opinion of you is none of your business. - Jill Celeste


If you have a fear of criticism, know you’re not alone. It’s prevalent among female entrepreneurs, particularly, for several reasons:

  • Women have an innate need to please everyone. Receiving criticism feels like we displeased someone, which feels uncomfortable.
  • Society values “good girls” – ones who don’t cause trouble. If we receive criticism, we’ve rocked the boat somehow, and it feels like we’re impolite or “bad.”
  • We’re also burdened by perfection – looking, sounding, and dressing perfectly, especially in photos and videos. A criticism about our appearance, for example, can be hard for us to move past.

Whatever the reason why you fear criticism, it’s important to overcome it as you play a bigger game with your marketing.

Overcoming a fear of criticism is a huge mindset pivot – as in breaking years of societal conditioning. I mention this not to discourage you, but to remind you that this will take time.

So, how do you overcome your fear of criticism?

Overcoming your fear of criticism

It comes down to this truth:

Someone’s opinion of you is none of your business.

When you receive criticism, I want you to remember the mirror trick. Imagine placing a mirror between you and your critic. Everything your critic says about you is a reflection of her, not you.

I recently was criticized on social media for a decision I made about one of my programs. I had to turn someone away, and she was disappointed. She took to social media to vent her frustration, accusing me of something that wasn’t true.

Now, I wanted to internalize this criticism. I liked this person, and I felt like I let her down (oh, people pleaser Jill!).

Instead, I put up a mirror between she and I. The mirror reflected her feedback back on her (not me!). When I did this mirror trick, it helped me process what she was saying. I found empathy for her – and reinforced that I made the right decision.

Letting go of criticism

In addition to the mirror trick, it’s helpful to have healthy outlets for “letting go” of criticism. EFT (tapping), journaling, exercise, talking to a friend – these are all ways to let go of the criticism and move on from it.

When you implement the mirror trick, coupled with healthy “let go” practices, you can overcome your fear of criticism. You can learn to shrug it off and move on. It takes practice and time, but if you shift your mindset on how you receive criticism, it will change everything in your business.

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Imagine getting a little inspirational note every day – one that’s catered to you as a spiritual, change-making female entrepreneur.
That’s the idea behind “Celestial Love Notes” – a daily inspirational love note from me to you, delivered right to your inbox!

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