Pre-order LOUD WOMAN today!


I am so freakin’ excited to share this news with you! You can now pre-order the paperback version of my book, Loud Woman: Good-bye, Inner Good Girl!

Here’s what women are saying about Loud Woman:

“This book will teach you how to boot that shy gal in the ass and become a loud woman and to live your life to the fullest!” – Andi Finnell

“Many of us end up being taught the same things by society, just in different ways. And that is why I think Loud Woman applies to so many women. Because we need help in identifying what we do, and how we need to unlearn it.” – Jennifer Jensen

“This was a book that opened my eyes. Though I had always considered myself wise to the goings on that hold women back and keep them down, there was much in the author’s researched work that came as welcome “Ahh Ha!’ moments.” – Hayley M. Mills

Ready to pre-order Loud Woman? Please keep reading…

#1: Please pre-order your paperback copy from a book chain or independent book store

To start your pre-order, please visit I have listed bookstores from where you can pre-order Loud Woman. You may also notice that Amazon is not listed, and I want to tell you why.

Right now, I am focusing on getting Loud Woman on the prestigious bestseller lists, and these bestseller lists do not consider Amazon book sales. It’s a bit of a turf war, I suppose, with the authors caught in the middle.

Furthermore, I want to support independent bookstores—many of whom have struggled to keep their doors open over the past year. That’s why I have partnered with several indie booksellers around the country for Loud Woman pre-orders.

For these reasons, I am asking you to pre-order your paperback copies from a large book chain, such as Barnes & Noble, or from an independent bookseller, such as those listed on

#2: Secure your “thank you” pre-order gifts

Once you’ve made your purchase, head back to and fill out the form to receive your “thank you” gifts. I want to send you a signed bookplate! Please make sure to complete the form so I can send it to you.

#3: Consider pre-ordering two paperback copies

Finally, I would love for you to consider pre-ordering two copies: One for you and one for you to give away. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who would love Loud Woman. Or consider donating a copy to your local library, women’s prison, domestic violence shelter, or any place where a woman needs to be uplifted and inspired. Your gift could change someone’s life!

This was a long email, so thank you for reading it in its entirety!

If you have any questions about Loud Woman pre-orders, please email me back, and I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express my gratitude for your support. But it’s all I got. So, thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!



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