Praise for the Celestial University

I love being part of the Celestial University, especially participating in the monthly Q&A calls! It’s really a no-brainer. Jill is such a great mentor, and I’m so happy to be part of this group. I have definitely found my tribe!


Breakup Recovery Coaching

It is such a nice feeling being part of an international community of like-minded women. Running a spiritual independent business can be lonely at times. At Celestial University, I am among friends. I have connected more closely with some of the sisters and have used these
connections to assist me in my work. Instead of looking for assistance from strangers, I know I can trust the Celestial University students to be honest and helpful in their work. We are in this together!


The Usher Channeler

Jill is heart-centered and soulful in her approach to helping women entrepreneurs. On many days, she has been my “angel.” When I am challenged and not sure if I should keep going, her email or Facebook post will be exactly the encouraging words I need that day.

The monthly learning topics in the Celestial University are awesome and have definitely helped me grow my business! I know you will love Celestial University as much as I have.


Fiercely Financial Coaching

The relationships I have formed and the generosity of everyone in the group, especially from Jill, is what I love most about Celestial University. It’s such a great sisterhood!

I also love Study Hall. There’s something about having others working with you at the same time that provides extra motivation to get stuff done. I get so much accomplished in those 2 ½ hours.


Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions

I love the monthly learning topics in Celestial University as they provide a focus and an opportunity to learn something new. I see each topic as a beautiful layer of a cake, creating a magical mix indeed.


My Natural Happiness

The women in the Celestial University have enriched my life in their own unique ways. We are a diverse community who is focused on a common goal of both sharing and celebrating our unique brilliance.


Pursue Wellness For You

Thanks to Celestial University, especially Jill’s challenges, I have upped my marketing game. I have increased my online visibility, which has resulted in me getting more referrals. I’ve also made wonderful friends through the Celestial University. Even though I have never met these women in person, I love seeing them on social media and catching up with them through Celestial University virtual events.


Sex Talk with Nicole

The Celestial University community is high energy, authentic, and full of love. And Jill tells you like it is! I appreciate how authentic Jill is in sharing her own journey. I also love that each month we dive deeper into a different aspect of marketing. It gives me permission to just focus on one task.


Balanced U

I needed structure, loving support, and guidance from someone who really knows her stuff. That’s why I joined Celestial University. I also love the supportive community because they’re as committed as me to marketing authentically. We’re in it together!


Sacred Grove Animal Communication

I love two things about Celestial University.
First, Study Hall is brilliant! In two and a half hours, I focus on accomplishing several marketing tasks like writing email sequences and honing a landing page. It’s focused time well spent!

I also love the monthly Q&A calls because they are unscripted. I find that no matter what question gets asked or who asks it, I get exactly what I need in that moment. It’s uncanny!


Highlander Press

Joining Celestial University has resulted in me upping my game when it comes to marketing. Jill offers great insight and information, truly helpful tips, and unwavering support. She is authentic in what she does and encourages her members to operate with authentic hearts and minds. I am more targeted in my planning and am following through on marketing ideas in a more concise method than before. I followed Jill for a long time before I took the plunge into joining, and the only regret I have is I didn’t do it sooner.


Reach for the Magic Destinations

Jill provides insightful and relevant information. She is welcoming, compassionate and understanding. She has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and find meaningful ways to be myself while marketing. I am able to see my services in new and exciting ways. I’m grateful that I joined Celestial University, so I can continue to learn from Jill and the community she has created.


Soul Transformations Feng Shui & Coaching

I love the Celestial University’s monthly learning topics, especially when they push me out of my comfort zone (which they often do!). I know I would have never done some of the things I have done if Jill didn’t push us.

Hanne Broter,

Your Brand Vision

The Celestial University is out of this world!
Jill is superb at what she does. Part marketing teacher, part coach, part mentor, she balances it all well while maintaining a high vibrational space chocked full of learning. That said, it’s a low-pressure program.

Members are encouraged to do as much or as little as they can handle at the time. I’ve personally gone back to prior months to repeat lessons or pick up where I left off. My business has grown exponentially with Jill’s help. If you are looking for “No BS” marketing guidance shared from the heart (that won’t break the bank),
Celestial University is it.

Kathleen Gubitosi,

Voice Strategist and Music Educator

I love the Q&A calls in the Celestial University. I learn so much that I can implement. Celestial University is a terrific group who totally supports you, and Jill provides outstanding leadership with easy-to-implement processes.

Margaret Martin,

Speaker and Coach

Jill is a fabulous marketer and teacher. She has created a wonderful community in the Celestial University, where we can learn from her, and from each other, and feel safe in sharing our ideas. She challenges us to step outside the box: to do something that makes us feel just slightly uncomfortable (because that is how we grow). She provides multiple opportunities to network, study, plan, and share as a group. She is supportive, knowledgeable, creative, and generous. I am so glad I found Jill and Celestial University.

Susan Shelton,

USANA Health Services

I love the work I do, but it can feel isolating to run an online business. I wanted a community that will help me feel supported and give me structure and inspiration. That’s why I joined Celestial University. Now, I feel more inspired and connected, and that really helps me with eliminating resistance and procrastination.

Rachel Kieffer,