The Affirmation That Keeps Me Going


An affirmation is an empowering sentence or phrase you say to yourself, over and over again. Admittedly, while I believed in the goodness behind affirmations, I had not applied them to my own personal development.

I would read other people’s affirmations and admire how their affirmations resonated with them, but I was struggling in finding one that fit me.

In fact, so believing in their power of affirmations, I teach my Celestial University students to create their own affirmations, despite not having one for myself (that messed with my mind a little bit).

Thanks to my Law of Attraction practice, I decided to ask The Universe to deliver the perfect affirmation to me.

And boy, did The Universe deliver (like the proverbial 2×4 to the forehead)!

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will share with you the affirmation that keeps me going – the one that’s an instant “pick me up” when my mindset goes in the shitter. I hope it inspires you to find or create an affirmation that suits you, too.



A few months back, I read Empowering Women* by Louise Hay. It was an updated version of a book she published in 1997. Small in size but big in message, I devoured every word in this book.

On page 31, Louise listed dozens of powerful affirmations for women – ones to remind us that we are wise and beautiful, empowered, and full of love.

It was the penultimate affirmation, though, that made me stop and pause:

I give myself what I need. It is safe for me to grow.

I read that last sentence over and over again…

It is safe for me to grow.
It is safe for me to grow.
It is safe for me to grow.

I give myself what I need. It is safe for me to grow. - Louise Hay

Why this affirmation resonated with me

Raised by a loving but anxious mother, I was (unintentionally) taught that it was not safe for me to grow. This permeated in my life in many ways:

  1. It was unsafe to walk to my new bus stop for my first day of middle school.
  2. It was unsafe for me to try a modeling career.
  3. It was unsafe for me to drive (I didn’t get my driver’s license until 19).
  4. It was unsafe for me to go out of state for college.
  5. It was unsafe to drive to a job interview using an interstate highway.
  6. It was unsafe to walk or run somewhere by myself.

When it was time to grow in some way – from learning to drive a car to trying a new career – I told myself it was not safe to do so.

I had convinced myself that it was unsafe physically, emotionally, and financially to do anything!

Thankfully, on many occasions, I busted through this self-talk and achieved many “unsafe” things, such as going to an out-of-state college or driving on the interstate.

But in many ways, I was holding myself back, still, even as a woman in her 40’s.

When I read “it is safe for me to grow,” it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew exactly why I was hiding, not getting loud, playing it safe – I was scared!

Now, when I feel that weight on my shoulders, I say to myself: It is safe for me to grow.

In April, I achieved a life-long dream of opening up an online university for female entrepreneurs, complete with an interactive campus map, basset hounds and flamingos, and a thriving community of amazing women.

Celestial University Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus for Celestial University

Why? Because it’s my purpose. How? Because I told myself it was safe for me to grow.

What’s your affirmation?

You may already have an affirmation, and if so, I am so happy for you!

If you don’t, I ask that you set the intention, asking The Universe to deliver to you the perfect, weight-off-the-shoulders affirmation that will be your guiding light on this journey. It is so important, and it’s my wish for you.

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