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If you are a woman entrepreneur looking for a different kind of networking organization–one that values relationships over half-hearted referrals–please keep reading to learn more about Virtual Networkers.

Virtual Networkers, the networking arm of Celestial University, is a global online networking organization for women entrepreneurs. A part of Celestial University, our members are dedicated to growing each other’s businesses. You’ll love our feminine networking model of sisterhood, connection, and fun!

The benefits of becoming a member of Virtual Networkers:

  • Can visit our other Virtual Networkers chapters at no extra charge (an unlimited guest pass!)
  • Inclusion in our online Member Directory so other members can learn more about you
  • Access free business and personal development education through our speakers
  • Access to our Mighty Networks channel for deeper connection with all members between meetings
  • Better success mindset
  • Feeling of being part of something transformative

Not to mention, we’re here to grow your business:

  • Get amazing referrals from our group of like-minded female entrepreneurs
  • Permission to promote product/service at the end of each meeting
  • Opportunity to be a speaker so we can learn more about your business
  • Participate in our quarterly business masterminds and Virtual Coffee Dates–all designed to help you grow your business

Plus, you’ll save time and money:

  • Save time by not having to drive to and from a networking meeting
  • Save money by not paying for expensive meals, or putting gas in your car, or paying for public transportation to and from the networking meeting
  • And, because you’re sitting in front of a webcam, wear your pajama bottoms and slippers (a total time saver, right?)
join virtual networkers

Virtual Networkers is the opposite of networking where it feels like everyone is just trying to “get” something (a referral, a new client, etc.) Every woman in Virtual Networkers has a heart of giving! That is what makes Virtual Networkers truly special!

Stacy Rowan

Custom Built Life

Since becoming a member, I have refocused my business, written an Amazon best-seller about entrepreneurship, and logged the best-revenue months ever in my coaching business.

Suzanne Moore, MBA

Suzanne Tregenza Moore Enterprises

How Virtual Networkers works

You will connect to the group using your webcam and microphone. The Chapter President will use Zoom to hold the meeting. You will have an opportunity to give a 30-second introduction, learn from our speakers, and share announcements. Additionally, you will be asked to drop your first name, last name, and email address in the Chat Box, so other members can get in touch with you.

Each Virtual Networkers meeting is recorded, and the Chapter President will email you a replay link and PDF of Chat Box Transcript after the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: All replays are posted as “unlisted” to our YouTube channel

Virtual Networkers is a wonderful place of family and community where heart-centered women support one another and lift each other up. I continuously learn from our wonderful speakers, and incredible members and chapter leaders. 

Kristy Crippen

Collaborative Partners Administrative Services

I have read so many books on running your business; Virtual Networkers is where you can see the business rules being applied in action. I have learned more in these three months than I have in the past three years.  I know that this is what I was missing from my business and life. Virtual Networkers is exactly where I need to be at this point. 

Aesha Tahir

Tone and Strengthen LLC

Member responsibilities

As a member of Virtual Networkers, you will have some responsibilities to ensure the vibrancy of our organization. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Accept our attendance policy: You will be expected to attend your chapter’s meeting every week. However, we get that life happens, and we want you to take vacation, holiday, and personal time! Therefore, if you need to miss a meeting, please email your chapter president ahead of time.
  • Agree to our Handbook: Our handbook outlines our Attendance Policy, Promotion Policy, and Privacy Policy. You will get access to our handbook upon membership.
  • Invite guests. The onus on growing Virtual Networkers is on every member. This increases our network reach and diversity. Please invite women entrepreneurs who you think would be a good energetic fit.
  • Sign up for your chapter’s quarterly speaker committee. About once a year, you will be asked to be part of the quarterly speaker sub-committee. Along with other members, you will help secure speakers to present at your chapter.

Be our guest

We encourage prospective members to check out our chapters to find the one that’s the best fit for them.

You may visit any of our Virtual Networkers chapters up to three times before deciding on membership.

You do not need to tell us in advance that you’re coming (unless you want to!). When you come, please have your 30-second introduction ready, and the Chapter President will call on you when it’s time to share it.

(If you’re not sure how to share a compelling yet succinct 30-second intro, please check out our YouTube tutorial.)

Here’s when our chapters meet:

Mondays, 3pm Eastern
Zoom link:

Tuesdays, 11am Central European Time (Beginning October 3)
Zoom link:

Tuesdays, 8am Eastern
Zoom link:

Wednesdays, 10am Eastern
Zoom link:

Fridays, 8am Eastern
Zoom link:

I joined Virtual Networkers to meet new people and grow my network because I have found my greatest client source is from word of mouth. I love making new friends and learning so much from my fellow Virtual Networkers. I’ve gotten referrals and made great collaborations, too!

Temima Gass

Uncommon Strategy

Your investment

Your investment to join Virtual Networkers is $299 annually.

You can enroll in Virtual Networkers anytime. Please know you are making a 12-month commitment, and you may not cancel your membership during our 12 months together.

For about $300 a year, you get so much value!

  • Unlimited guest pass to visit our other chapters as often as you like
  • Amazing personal development, marketing, and business growth education
  • Opportunity to promote your business every week during our chapter meetings
  • Opportunity to connect with other members through our quarterly Virtual Coffee Date Parties and Business Masterminds
  • Access to our vibrant Mighty Networks channel
  • Be included in our online Member Directory for immediate referrals
  • Priceless connection to your community

Refund/Cancellation policy

Simply put: No cancellations and no refunds. All sales are final.

Sometimes, we run promotions where you can use a payment plan to pay for your membership dues. If you’re choosing the payment plan during one of these special promotion periods, by proceeding with your payment, you are agreeing to:


  • Paying $30 a month for 12 consecutive months for your Virtual Networkers membership (your total investment will be $360.)
  • Your membership cannot be canceled during your 12-month commitment. You must pay all 12 installments. 
  • No refunds. All sales are final.

My favourite part about Virtual Networkers are the coffee dates. I love connecting with other members in private coffee dates. I also love the Virtual Coffee Date Parties! Sometimes, we do not have time to schedule private coffee dates with each member, so the Virtual Coffee Date Parties help us get to know each other better. It’s such a value-filled way to spend an hour!

Victoria Vandensteen

Value & Visibility Coach at Movita

I enjoy the connections, referrals, sisterhood, and support that I receive through Virtual Networkers. Plus, I can go to any of the five chapters’ meetings. It pays for itself!

Margaret Martin

Re-Design Your Life

Ready to join?

Click on the blue button under the president’s photo for the chapter you want to join.

Mondays, 3pm Eastern

Mondays, 3pm Eastern

President: Connie Jo Miller

Tuesdays, 11am CET (Beginning October 3)

Tuesdays, 11am CET (Beginning October 3)

President: Christin Bjergbakke

Tuesdays, 8am Eastern

Tuesdays, 8am Eastern

President: Jill Celeste

Wednesdays, 10am Eastern

Wednesdays, 10am Eastern

President: Laura Templeton

Fridays, 8am Eastern

Fridays, 8am Eastern

President: Jill Celeste

Celestial University’s Virtual Networkers is a valuable resource for networking because it’s so uplifting and encouraging! These fellow female entrepreneurs are a fabulous go-to for fellowship and learning, and the meetings are fun! 

Maureen "Mo" Cooper

Mo Mind Body Soul

Interested in joining but need more details?

Please fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch with you in 24 business hours.

Inclusivity Statement

Virtual Networkers is a global networking organization for women and all who identify as female. If you are non-binary and feel comfortable in an organization with feminine energy, Virtual Networkers may be a good fit for you, too. We welcome the unique contributions of our members and the value they bring in terms of their education, age, color, race, ethnicity, culture, country of origin, religion, veteran’s status, languages spoken, gender identity and expression, and abilities and disabilities.

Admittedly, we may not get inclusivity right, despite our best intentions. We thank you in advance for your patience. We promise to learn and do better. If you have any questions about our inclusivity statement, please contact our founder, Jill Celeste, through the Contact Us form.

Thanks to Virtual Networkers, I’m growing personally and professionally. I value the support and friendships I have made. This is my community!

Cheri Andrews, Esq.

My Small Business Attorney

I love the sisterhood of Virtual Networkers. Other women are out there on the same path as me, creating businesses to fulfill their dreams.

Christin Bjergbakke

The Usher Channeler

Frequently Asked Questions

If I join a chapter of Virtual Networkers, can I attend any of the other chapters' meetings as often as I want for no extra charge?

Yes! The chapter you join is your “home chapter”–the one that you will go to every week. In addition, you have an unlimited guest pass to any of our other chapters–no extra charge! Come as often as you like!

How many times can I visit a chapter as a guest?

You are welcome to visit any of our chapters up to three times before deciding on membership. We want you to find the best energetic fit for you!

Is Virtual Networkers only for women entrepreneurs?

Yes, our membership only consists of women (and those who identify as female) who own businesses. This can include a brick-and-mortar business, virtual business, multi-level marketing business, and freelancers and authors.

You mention attendance is required. Do I have to send a substitute when I can't attend?

Attendance to your weekly chapter meeting is required, but, of course, we want you to take time off for holidays, vacations, and whatever else life throws your way.

You don’t have to send a substitute if you plan on being out. Your only requirement is to let your Chapter President know ahead of time that you’ll be out.

Can you explain what Celestial University is and its relationship to Virtual Networkers?

Virtual Networkers is the networking arm of Celestial University.

Celestial University, founded by Jill Celeste, is a one-stop virtual campus for women entrepreneurs. The university includes classes, a bookstore, library, and more.

All of Jill’s services, including Virtual Networkers, falls under the Celestial University brand umbrella. Think of it as Coke (Celestial University) and Sprite (Virtual Networkers). laughing