45 Ways To Increase Your Visibility


In my last blog post, I outlined the two-part marketing strategy that you’ll need to implement to attract more clients this year. One part of this strategy was to increase your visibility. If you’re not sure how to do this, this is the blog post for you! I’m going to give you 45 ways to increase your visibility through a free PDF download.

The Visibility Marketing Packet

Not the sexiest name, I know, but the magic is on its pages! In this seven-page packet, you’ll find 45 ways to increase your visibility, as well as topic ideas on what to talk about in your visibility marketing. I’ve also included a January 2022 calendar on the last page, so you can plan out what visibility marketing to implement right away (because there’s no time like the present!). If you’re downloading this after January, adapt a calendar for the current month.

Click here to download the Visibility Marketing Packet (no opt-in required).

Additional Resources

If, after downloading the packet, you decide you need more education about increasing your visibility, here are two resources to help you:

Get More Clients Track

This is a 12-month Celestial University course that will teach you how to create a reliable, effective marketing system that will constantly attract clients to your business. You’ll receive seven modules and a 90-page workbook, plus tons of support through our Facebook Group. Additionally, you’ll have immediate access to $10,000+ in supplemental marketing and business courses as soon as you register for the course. To learn more, please visit https://celestialuniversity.com/enroll.

That First Client book

If the course doesn’t speak to you, or is out of your reach right now, please check out my book, That First Client. Don’t let the title fool you: This book will help you attract your first and next client. This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and more. To learn more, please visit https://jillceleste.com.

I am rooting for you! Let’s get visible and change the world!



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